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A number of months ago, I killed Asshole Opinion (our blog section) because the software wasn't exactly being developed in a timely fashion. In fact, the company recently sold itself off. Not so along, the company behind vbulletin released its own blog software. This, I feel more comfortable with for the sole reason that I know it's going to be supported along the lines of vbulletin. The integration on the whole seems better. So the Old Asshole Opinion is dead. Long live the New Asshole Opinion.

I've kept an archive of the old blog system, so if you would like me to get your old content to you for your new blog, let me know. Right now, I don't have a migration script and I doubt there's much reason to write one. Anyway, let me know.

In the very near future, metalsetlists will get a new home page and we'll start publishing news, setlists, and your writings out to the world. A lot of people have written a ton of good shit (i.e. album reviews) for the site and it's always bothered me that we really get it all out there. Now we'll have the means.

For immediate access to Asshole Opinion, click on You can also search blogs through the search button on the nav bar.
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