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Exclamation News: Introducing TAGS For Our Set Lists

What's a tag? A "tag" is a way of describing the content of a thread. In our case, a tag is no more than a band's name. Tags are going change the way people use metalsetlists.

The short version: just click See

The longer version: At the bottom of each thread after the last post of the page, there is a new box that says "Tags". On the right side, there is a link that says "Edit tags". Click on it and another box appears. You can either add the bands name as a tag. If the thread contains more than one band, you add them both separated by a comma.

ex1: the set list is just Iron Maiden. So you enter "iron maiden" for the tag.

ex2: the set lists is Iron Maiden w/ Motorhead. You enter "iron maiden, motorhead".

That's it. So what does this all do for METALSETLISTS? Now see Want to see more tags in action right now? see and click on a band's name or just search for it. Under the SEARCH button in the nav bar, there's also a new option a Tag Search.

With tags in place, it's trivial to make a real set list directory (not just) a search. I've got mucho evil plans. Maybe I've been listening to way too much GWAR tonight. So METALSETLISTS needs your help. Yes, that means you, you lurking-never-post-jackshit-metalhead too! Any registered member / non-banned-asshole can add, edit, delete a tag on a thread. Every edit is marked with your name. Just one little warning: fucking up our tags or site on purpose will get you banned asap. Please just tag the set list threads in the main set list forum and let our poor threads alone! <pavo plays a little floyd on air guitar> How do you know if a thread needs a tag? There is a a little marker to the far right of the thread title if it has one. Check the latest threads.. they have tags and the marker.
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