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the set list is only this long because many of these tracks are only 2-3 minutes long and Savatage has done many shows that would be of this length... so it's actually fairly realistic.

1.Gutter Ballet
3.Jesus Saves
4.Tonight He Grins Again
5.Strange Reality
6.A Little too Far
7.When the Crowds are Gone
8.You're Alive
9.Sammy and Tex
10.St. Patrick's
11.Can You Hear Me Now
12.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
13.Ghost in the Ruins
14.If I Go Away
15.Agony and Ecstasty
16.Heal My Soul
17.Somewhere In Time
Encore 1:
19.Edge of Thorns
20.This is the Time
21.The Wake of Magellan
22.Handful of Rain
Encore 2:
23.Hall of the Mountain King
24.Power of the Night
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