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KNAC Interviews IRON MAIDEN [Great Interview -- Read It]

Source: KNAC

This is a great fucking interview. I love to read shit like this about Maiden!

Here's a quote from Adrian about his return to the band and Maiden's fan demographic now...

“As people may or may not know, I had a time out in the band for about eight or nine years. And when I came back into the band—I think it was ’99 or 2000, I noticed there was this new set of fans. Young kids coming to the shows. That’s the first thing I noticed when I got onstage was these young kids up front, because I was expecting people of that generation who grew up with us really, basically our age. I know, having kids myself, they’re really into the artwork, the whole Eddie thing. That draws them in—the really young kids—and then they get into the music. There are probably a lot of fans, a lot of older fans that are looking for something a little more alternative, something that’s got more melody, guitar solos, more traditional—big, bombastic, like a big rock show kind of thing. And not many bands are doing that, only the older bands, and there’s not really too many of them around, doing what we do.”

Other topics include: the near breakup of the band, Bruce's 757 thingy, the Live After Death DVD, and more. Hats off to Charlie Steffens, aka Gnarly Charlie, for a great Maiden piece on Maiden.

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