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MEGADETH Considering Suspending Fan Club

Source: Dave Mustaine @ The Official Megadeth Forum


Sorry for the delay in posting, but we have had to deal with refitting some of our crew, but other than that we are having a great time with Chris and the boys.

I hope that y’all are getting ready for Gigantour in North America because it is going to smoke!!!

We have a lot of things going on, up and down, and while I won’t get into it too much, we unfortunately have to consider suspending our fan club, much like the Official Megadeth eBay Store was closed to make improvements, as well as reorganizing a lot of our business when we get home.

As you can imagine, I want only the best for you and as soon as the band’s management and I can get some things sorted out, we will be able to pick things back up. If suspending the club – like the Store was suspended – does happen, then all memberships will be extended for the additional time it takes until I am confident to start it back up again. And just like the Official Megadeth eBay Store, we will make it the best we possibly can.

Anyway, Shawn and I were talking about the Canadian Gigantour shows selling well, and that the glory is all his now that he is the sole Canadian, and we had a good laugh.

Lastly, we took Chris out for dinner last night with the crew, and we had a Mexican/Hungarian Goulash/Pizza and bowling party. It was fun . . . and strange but true, I beat everyone bowling. Even the rednecks on our crew.

I actually think it would be fun to do some partying with y’all bowling or whatnot, because you can’t be in the Gigantour softball game (if it happens this year), and it would be fun to do something together, especially if we can donate something to charity by doing it.

Whaddya think, my Droogs?

Even you ringers can play, although it would be fair to know that you are in a league before we play and I get decimated. Lol!

So that is it, and hopefully we will get everything back on track with all the stuff that has happened in the land of all things Mega, but if for any reason this site or any of my Megadeth - Mustaine - Gigantour sites is inaccessible, or offline we will be updating you through the and sites about when you can expect this interruption to be resolved.

Lastly, to the Japanese fans and all readers of Burrn! Magazine around the world: thank you for voting us the Champions in five categories and voting us runner-up in two more categories. Domo Arigato! X 1,000,000,000.

I love you all and COG.2008.NA!

That's too bad. The only fan club I've belonged to for a long time until recently (having joined Iron Maiden's after the Inglewood show) is Megadeth's. I don't utilize much of its benefits (i.e. online stuff, presale, merch) but I do like getting the package once a year. Plus Dave has a good webmaster.
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