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Turisas -- North Hampton, UK -- March 2nd, 2008

Turisas with support from Norther and Alestorm. I've been trying to get the official setlists for this tour since it started but only got bits and pieces, except for Alestorm's which is official. The Turisas one should be correct, just out of order, and the Norther one is questionable.


01. Over The Seas
02. The Huntmaster
03. Nancy The Tavern Wench
04. Death Before The Mast
05. Wenches And Meade
06. Captain Morgan's Revenge


01. My Anti-Christ
02. Frozen Angel
03. Down
04. Black Gold
05. We Rock
06. Blackhearted
07. Unleash Hell
08. Omen
09. Self-Righteous Fuck
10. Death Unlimited


01. The Dnieper Rapids
02. To Holmgard And Beyond
03. A Portage To The Unknown
04. One More
05. In The Court Of Jarisleif
06. Flute Solo
07. Five Hundred And One
08. Miklagard Overture
09. Violin Solo
10. Sahti-Waari
11. Rasputin ( Boney M cover )
12. Battle Metal

* Turisas have been changing the setlist a bit sometimes adding The Messenger and Fields Of Gold.

This must've been such an amazing show...can't wait to see Turisas in May. I'd love to see Norther too, but the new album isn't even being released in the US so I'd say a tour here isn't likely. Alestorm rule too, I'd love to see them. Please let me know if you have anymore information regarding these sets!
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