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Winger -- New York, NY -- February 20th, 2008

Winger, B.B. King’s Blues Club, NYC, Feb. 20, 2008

I know this doesn't really fit in here, and I know what you’re thinking…”WIMPY!”…But you are so wrong.
The hairspray, spandex, and makeup are LONG GONE, and what you get is a good standard hard-pop rock/metal act. Kip's voice is still in good shape. Reb Beach looks more like Jerry Cantrell than his old, big hair days, and plays like a madman possessed. What a TOTALLY UNDERAPRECIATED TALENT. If you saw him playing on the Whitesnake tour you know what I mean.. And Rod Morgenstein can still hold his own with anybody.

Kip played keyboard on several songs, and acoustic 12-string on a few, as well as bass on everything else. A treat to see one of the big hair bands from back in the day up-close and I mean CLOSE.
Pretty full crowd, NO BARRIER at the stage, dinner tables were out, and I drank my beer from an actual GLASS!

Blind Revolution Mad
Loosen Up
Easy Come Easy Go
Down Incognito (Reb-harmonica solo)
Rainbow in the Rose (Kip on keyboards)
Generica (Kip on keyboards)
Junkyard Dog
Right Up Ahead (Kip-12-string intro)
Reb Solo (smokin’!!!)
You are the Saint, I am the Sinner
Rod Solo
Headed for a Heartbreak (Kip on keyboards)
Can’t Get Enough
Kip Winger solo on acoustic 12-string guitar
Who’s the One (Kip-12-string/John Roth-bass)
Miles Away (Kip-12-string/John Roth-bass)

IronMaiden, NJ, 3-14-08 Up the IRONS!!!!
Testament, BB Kings, NYC, 4-6-08 (No tables this night, just a big pit!)
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