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Iron Maiden -- Los Angeles, CA -- February 19th, 2008

Maiden played last night at the Forum. I was able to meet up with Ed and es156 although I lost them later during the whole floor pandemonium that occurred. Amazing show! The show started with "Doctor, Doctor", then "Transylvania" played during a video montage of the band traveling on ED FORCE ONE and then Churchill's Speech. Best news of the night is that Maiden is coming back to LA for 2 dates in late May as well as other cities in the West.

Set list:

1: Aces High
2: 2 minutes to Midnight
3: Revelations
4: Trooper
5: Wasted Years
6: The Number of the Beast
7: Can I play with Madness
8: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
9: Powerslave
10: Heaven Can Wait
11: Run To The Hills
12: Fear of the Dark
13: Iron Maiden


14: Moonchild
15: Clairvoyant
16: Hallowed Be Thy Name
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