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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
He doesn't belong in Queensryche, I don't care what anyone says. He acts like a giant douche on stage, not even looking at the crowd and playing like he's God's gift to guitar playing, and he looks, as the picture you posted shows, like something from an Idiot's Guide to Dressing Gangster.
You have your own opinion and I respect that. I personally think Mike Stone is a pretty cool guy even if he does dress a bit goofy. He is fun to hang out with and is very personable. In fact, in reference to your not looking at the crowd comment, during the Starland show Stone came over by where me and my friend were standing on the railing and said 'Charlie' to him because he remembers him and respects his fans. While we were talking to him he actually remebered the first time he met him back in 2006, which says a lot for the guy's memory especially all the touring QR does.
And about how he doesn't belong in QR....DeGarmo is gone and the band is doing quite well without him...even though he is clearly missed by many. Ryche still packs them in. Both Starland and NYC were sold out and AC was very close as well. I feel Stone brought back some of the attitude and passion in the band. I mean music wise Mindcrime II was a hell of lot better than Tribe, Q2K, and even HITNF. But again its your opinion and I'm not trying to argue or anything...just adding my two cents. I mean I bet we all can agree that Queensryche is fucking awesome live and never fail to put on a good show.

Oh yeah and about the dress, we were in Atlantic City, c'mon he was having fun!

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