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Queensryche -- Atlantic City, NJ -- February 9th, 2008

Burning Man
NM 156
Screaming In Digital
Welcome To The Machine
I'm American
The Hands
The Killing Words
Another Rainy Night
Gonna Get Close To You
Best I Can
Last Time In Paris
Breaking The Silence
Anybody Listening?
Jet City Woman
Eyes Of A Stranger
Neon Knights
Someone Else?

Fucking amazing show!!! The venue was a theater with seats and I had third row center which was pretty damn good. As soon as Queensryche took the stage everyone rushed up, including me and my buddy. There was no barricade so we were basically leaning onto the stage. Geoff and the rest of the band got so close, we could basically touch them if we wanted to. It was awesome! Best show I have been to and closest too. But it gets even better...
My friend is a very popular guy and everyone from the band recognizes him and knows who he is (cause he goes to so many QR shows). After the show we met up with someone we know that is close friends with Scott Rockenfield. He had passes for the meet and greet and wished that we could join him but he couldn't get anymore passes. Well, we just chilled anyways with him and waited for the meet and greet to start where we were sure that we would be kicked out of. So the band comes out and we're just standing there so they let us stay (mostly because everyone in the band knew my friend and the tour manager, Fozzy knows us as well. So we got to chill with the band, get autographs and take a few pictures. It was fucking awesome!!! I'm still in amazement and awe. Best fucking show/experience ever! I had such a great time and look forward to seeing Queensryche again next tour.
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