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Neurosis -- Brooklyn, NY -- January 25th, 2008

Given To The Rising
Hidden Faces
A Season In The Sky
At The End Of The Road
To The Wind
Water Is Not Enough
The Doorway

The Wolf Is Loose
Crystal Skull
I Am Ahab
Siberian Divide
Hand Of Stone
Colony Of Birchmen
Blood And Thunder
Aqua Dementia
Where Strides The Behemoth
Mother Puncher
Iron Tusk
March Of The Fire Ants

Outstanding show on almost every level. As you can see Masotdon's set was quite obscure to say the least, I read somewhere that the night before they played Battle At Sea and Hearts Alive as well as some other weird choices. Either way I was very content. Unfortunatley Mastodon's sound was a bit off, but Neurosis has some of the best sound I've ever heard at a live show. And boy was it LOUD, it was hands down the single loudest show I've ever been too, but that's how Neurosis should be heard: LOUD
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