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Here's that review which was published in Sydney's 'Drum Media'

Continuing where Australia's premier metal band Dungeon left off after disbanding in 2005, LORD (who feature half of Dungeon's final line up) have taken the torch running and truly established themselves as a powerful live force. Once again the melodic quartet (as expected), delivered a sterling show to a receptive and full Empire Hotel on what was the final gig of their Aussie Ascendence tour. More on them later.

Although none of them can hold a candle to the behemoth that is LORD, the trio of young support bands do need a mention, albeit a brief one. Grim Demise, who were down a dedicated vocalist due to his firing earlier that evening, showed a lot of potential from what I saw of their melodic thrash. Anno Domini's gothified death metal set was well performed, yet degraded by a severe lack of variation in their formulaic material that made it seem like one very long song. Nevetherym who had the graveyard shift (post-LORD), did encourage some of the crowd to hang around after LORD had played with a progressive fusion of dramatic violin and guitar driven post-rock and metal. Not my cuppa' but a nice wind-down nonetheless.

Headliners LORD killed it. Even discounting the highly memorable material being played, the band was tight, engaging, energetic and entertaining for which they win abundant points alone. With plenty of crowd interaction, a plethora of lame (thus, doubly as amusing) jokes, and some good old solo-offs between frontman/guitarist Tim and newly recruited guitarist Mark, it was entertainment all round for their duration on stage. The set opened on a high with Footsteps In The Sand, before progressing through a mix of LORD and Dungeon material, highlights included Same Old Lines, Against The Wind, The Richest Man and an extended version of I Am Death complete with a Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer interlude. It's doubtful a single attendee would tell you their $12 wasn't well spent, even if the main drawcard were the only band witnessed. Top show gents. Hats Off. - Pyro
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