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Suicidal Tendencies -- Santa Ana, California -- January 19th, 2008

So this was a semi-free show. It was free to everyone who got a pass from Dunlop, Monster at NAMM. There was supposed to between the convention center and the venue. LIES. I ended up taking the bus both ways, alone because one friend was complaining about how tired he was, the other went to hang out with his girlfriend.

Security was tight, everyone had to empty their pockets, get the pat down and a metal detector. I even saw that they made one guy take off his blue bandana, so I figured they didn't want any gang fights or Mike Muir to get shot.
When I got in, a band called Daughters of Mara started playing and I got my spot on the rail. They were the second band to play, nothing special. More of a mainstream semi-emo metal band.

I had heard some things, but never listened to the Supersuckers before and they ended up being pretty cool. Sounds like Motorhead playing rock instead of metal. The lead singer/bassist Eddie Spaghetti stated "Hello, we are the Supersuckers and we are the greatest rock band ever." Not a band I would pay to see, but cool.

Jamey Jasta and Randy Blythe were the "DJ's" for the show, but nothing was new. Jamey was promoting Monster and Hatebreed by throwing stickers out in the crowd, and Randy was drunk, banging his head to the music.
So much for the whole metal DJ concept, I heard the same songs between sets that you get at every gig (God Hates Us All, Paranoid, Ace of Spades, Davidian etc...)

As usual, Suicidal took a while to come out. The security guard in front of me was a total douche. There were signs at the door and bathroom saying absolutely no moshing, but thats what most venues say anyway. Everytime a pit would break out, the security guard would stand on the step on the other side of the rail in front of me, like he was gonna do something about it, but never did. Even when Mike was trying to bring people onstage at the end of the set, he was tackling them like they were criminals.
Also, some drunk lady in her 30's or 40's was trying to feel me up to get on the rail, but god knows what she's infested with so its not gonna happen. She ended up getting in a catfight with another woman at the front during the show, and the security guard 'accidently' grabbed a boob when he pulled her back. But other than that, Suicidal put on a great fucking show. Still a little short, still quite a bit of pep-talking, and still no Institutionalized. Oh well.

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