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The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Orlando, FL -- January 15th, 2008

I don't care if you like this band. I don't care if you hate them. You have to see The Dillinger Escape Plan live. Intense is an understatement. Best part of it all. That night they were supposed to be playing with Killswitch Engage and Every Time I Die, but Disney wouldn't let them play on their property because of their reputation. So they played a small club in Downtown Orlando.

Panasonic Youth
43% Burnt
Fix Your Face
Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants
Baby's First Coffin
The Mullet Burden
Nong Eye Gong
When Acting as a Wave
Milk Lizard
Party Smasher
Destro's Secret
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
Sugar Coated Sour
Sunshine the Werewolf

They opened with my favorite song "Panasonic Youth" which to me is the song in which I want destroy everything. During the first breakdown, the singer Greg(who is fuckin ripped. Seriously) Jumped from one side of the stage into me and screamed the lyrics with me into the mic. They had 4 broken amps which they filled with different styles of lighting which went along with the guitar parts amazingly well.

Milk Lizard which is my favorite off the new CD, stole the show. They even had the horns playing underneth it which just made it all the better.

They closed with Sunshine the Werewolf, where I jumped on the stage and got to sing majority of the song. I jumped back into the audience. Greg comes back with his torch and mouth full of gasoline and fire is shot everywhere into the audience.

A band so technical and so insane, they are the bastard child of Converge and Dream Theater.
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