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The Black Dahlia Murder -- Rochester, NY -- January 15th, 2008

I know they're not that well loved around here, but I also know there have been requests for setlists from the other bands. Now true, I don't know all of these bands all that well, but I did my best trying to recall the setlist. Everyone but BDM didn't even seem to have a physical setlist, strangely enough, so I couldn't take a picture of one or anything. So again, these are mostly coming from my memory, hearing of names, or...other stuff:

This was the first show of the tour, and so naturally none of the bands were up to their regular energy, but they all proved to be fun to watch. My friend and I ended up having a really good spot front and center against the stage (no guard rails, thank God), and we patiently waited around 45 minutes for the first band, Decrepit Birth, to hit the stage. No one seemed to know them too well, but halfway through their set some decent pits broke out (I usually judge their intensity by how hard I end up getting hit - 'twasn't very hard). The singer was fun to watch, and by the singer, I mean the hair. He also can't do death vocals for shit, because he was red faced after every song and the other band members kept telling the audience to be patient while he caught his breath. The lead guitarist was very cool, though, and he reminded me of Michael Romeo in both style and physical appearance. Their set was around half an hour, and from what I could understand, this is what they played (no order):

The Living Doorway
Prelude to the Apocalypse
Condemned to Nothingness
Diminishing Between Worlds
Reflection of Emotions
...And Time Begins

Next up was SUPPOSED to be Hate Eternal, but 3 Inches of Blood started setting up instead. I was simultaneously surprised and pleased (since I mainly came for them), and from what I can understand, apparently one of the band members had a loss in the family. I have no idea if this will effect the tour or not, it could just be this one show. But either way, no Hate Eternal setlist or show, sorry.

Anywho, 3 Inches. I was expecting a little more from them, performance-wise. The music was spot on as always, but I expected them to be having a bit more fun. Cam did terrific, of course, but the guitarist in front of me seemed fairly bored. What's more, the mics were fairly messed up, so I couldn't hear the vocals a lot of the time. However, the show was spot on and fun as hell. Monstrous headbanging throughout and super metal. One of my personal favorite concert bits I've ever experienced was a guy right behind me yelling "PLAY FOREST KING!" at the top of his lungs in between songs. It basically went like this:

Cam: So we're gonna do another song...


Cam:'s from the new album, Fire Up the Blades...


Cam: ...this one is called...


Cam: ...Trial of Champions.


Guy: FUCK!

I couldn't move properly for a few minutes, it was truly hysterical. But either way, they did eventually play that song. They also did the following (again, out of order and to the best of my memory):

Night Marauder
[Something off A&V]
Trial of Champions
[Something off First Album]
Fear on the Bridge
The Goatriders Horde
[Something off First Album]
Forest King
Deadly Sinners

As said before, great show. BDM set up and was set to go fairly quickly, and instantly jumped into their roughly hour long set. Just as with the other bands, the most interactive member of the band was the singer, and he was incredibly fun to watch. He basically lost his mind during every song and would frequently lean into the crowd and let people sing (growl?) along to the songs. There were a few stage divers here and there, which naturally brought along a bunch of people getting kicked in the face (always fun ). Overall, the show was fairly intense and the crowd enjoyed every single second of it. The band had to take off their equipment themselves, which gave many people a terrific opportunity to get naturally the one time I don't bring something to get signed, I get an amazing chance to get something signed. I hate things. But anyways, same deal as before, my best bets:

Everything Went Black
Elder Misanthropy
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Dave Goes to Hollywood
The Blackest Incarnation
[Closed Casket Requiem? - I think that they played it, but I'm not sure]
Statutory Ape
Deathmask Divine
Funeral Thirst
"I will forsake you
Destroy and unmake you
With all my might, I will take you down"
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