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My thoughts on the list:
1. While not my favorite, it certainly came close, and clearly was liked by so many people here, so I think it's fair enough that this one.
2. Love the band, didn't love the album. Whatever.
3. Aw what the fuck.
4. A lot of people like this album but I just don't get the hype. This was boring .
5. Same thing.
6. This makes United Abominations look like Rust In Peace. Bullshit.
7. Give me old Gamma Ray please.
8. Hah, I heard a few songs, not my thing. But it's placement here is... interesting.
9. Just when you thought Nightwish couldn't get any worse...
10. Once again, not my thing. So... whatever.

I think I actually like 11-20 a lot better.
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