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Well, in my professional opinion:

1. Lame. Seriously, not a good album, let alone top 10, let alone fucking album of the year.
2. Second straight year my #1 has been the board's #2.
3. I'm actually proud of the board for putting it this high
4. Really good album, even if it's "safe mediocrity"
5. Who hates Clutch? I mean, really. Good call putting them in the top 10.
6. Awful album that is everything wrong with progressive metal.
7. Okay, it's Gamma Ray. Skip.
8. I honestly wanted to like this album more than I did based on the myspace songs I heard, but on principle alone, this is fucking awesome.
9. Lame. What I heard sounded like the soundtrack to a boring game of Dungeons & Dragons: Circle Jerk Edition.
10. Most brutal album to ever make our site list, I think. Awesome!
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