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Overkiller's 100 Albums of 2007

Okay, since I've been promising this thread for so long and my work on it is still not finished, I've decided to do it as an ongoing thing. I'm gonna post my ranking of the 100 albums I heard from 2007 in segments as I continue to finish it up. At the time I'm posting this I have nearly 80 albums mini-reviewed. Also I figure if I post the list bit by bit instead of bombarding you with 100 albums all at once, you'll all be more likely to actually read what I wrote.

Just as a disclaimer, as you'll probably notice, I was lazier with some albums than others, and this is reflected in the length and quality of each mini-review. Those reviews that I actually put effort into have been an exercise in criticism for me--as has this whole project, really. Also, the reviews for the releases at the bottom of my list are not of the highest quality, so don't write me off yet if you don't like them. Here goes...

Edit: Oh, one other thing. Keep in mind that no albums "didn't make it" onto my list, so #100 is the worst thing I heard this year, etc.

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