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Happy to assist with gaps...

Gamma Ray set list:
Intro (Welcome)
Gardens Of The Sinner
New World Order
From The Ashes
Valley Of The Kings

Rebellion In Dreamland
Heavy Metal Universe
Ride The Sky
Somewhere Out In Space
Send Me A Sign

Axxis set list:
Doom Of Destiny
Tales Of Glory Island
Little War
Take My Hand
Angel Of Death
Little Look Back

I enjoyed Helloween and Gamma Ray a lot more than I expected. Missed Axxis, but have a photo of setlist from stage.

Will have review and photos up in due course.

Oh, and I was going to suggest Helloween never play I'm Alive as Hansen wrote it but it surprisingly didn't seem to bother Helloween last night, opening with Halloween and 3rd song March Of Time. Could be the range is too high for Deris though thought he did rather well on Kiske stuff this time.
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