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Thumbs up Dream Megadeth setlist

Just to let everyone know, I am only gonna use songs off the first 5 albums and The System has failed album because those are the only ones I like. Oh yeah and a few songs of The World Needs a Hero.
Megadeth set:

-jet intro-
1. Blackmail the Universe
2. Mechanix
3. The Conjuring
4. Liar
5. Hook in Mouth
6. Kick the Chair
7. Hangar 18
8. Symphony of Destruction
9. Good Morning/Black Friday
10. Looking Down the Cross
11. Take No Prisoners
12. Sweating Bullets
13. Rattlehead
14. Kill the King
15. Ashes in Your Mouth
16. Devils's Island
17. Peace Sells....But Who's Buying?
18. Last Rites/Loved to Death
19. Killing is my Business... and Business is Good
20. Rust in Peace....Polaris
21. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

This would be like the sickest Megadeth show ever.
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