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Originally Posted by DarkTwilight View Post
well no shit... do you think im fucking retarded... what I mean is there are the maiden fanboys/classic metal fanboys, i just named some example bands... yeah didn't you see the part where I said MAYBE YOU DONT FALL UNDER THAT CATEGORY? oh shit we have dumb posters... but its okay, im starting to realize that the most important part about metal is that all its fans have to be fucking retarded, after posting on this site.

sure, death metal has been around for a very long time, but IT IS CONTINUING, and the NWOBHM genre, while a great genre, is just dead now. That had its time in the 80's, now its time for a new sound. I mean, Bruce even said it himself, when they released No Prayer for the Dying, he said he wanted to go back to their old sound. And just look at how great that CD was (not a bad cd, but you get the point).

As the other classic metal bands die out, other bands will be taking their place, if you asked someone in the 80's what their idea of current metal was, they could tell you iron maiden judas priest metallica megadeth slayer black sabbath ect... in the future, you just aren't going to get the same response. I'm not trying to judge anyone on this site, but at least people I know, are going to stick around worshipping all the old bands (which are good dont get me wrong), and just listening to a select few poser power metal bands (again, not mentioning any names), and then go out and say nile sucks, im just like FUCK YOU

I think you would understand if you hung out with people who downloaded every discography of every power metal band imagineable
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