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Originally Posted by overkiller View Post
Voodoo is actually good. Have you heard The Graveyard?

yea Graveyard was pretty weak, but I was just bored with Voodoo for most of the songs.

louisiana darkness - token intro track, not as good as other albums intros
loa house - good track
life after death - feels like its building up for something but never really goes anywhere
voodoo- the palm drumming was a nice touch but the chorus was terrible
a secret - cool riffs here and there but overall bland
salem - another 5 minute track that never goes anywhere, solo was nice but too short
one down two to go - cant make up its mind if it wants to be a slow or agressive song
sending of dead - weak, except for the solo
sarah's night - spiders lullaby 2.0
the exorcist - alright
unclean spirits - pointless interlude
cross of baron samedi - doesnt pick up for awhile, even then its not that special
if only they knew - another interlude
aftermath - as if the album wasnt long enough, a 10 minute track wraps it up, most of which is just silence until the last couple mins to reward us with.... some spooky laughs, what a waste of time. i guess its supposed to be like being brought back from the dead, but 7 minutes of nothing?

alot of king diamond songs seem to constantly change but these just feel menotinous.
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