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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
21. Sonata Arctica- Unia- No power metal album has ever been more controversial than this one, mostly because Sonata Arctica tried to change their sound too much at once (a huge no-no in the anything but progressive power metal community)
In all honesty, Unia isn't the first sign of Sonata change. I think the first two records have a very specific sound to them. Winterheart's guilt changed a very little bit. Reckoning night changed signifigantly, and this is basically more the same. The difference is that at this point they're starting to get so far away from that original sound it's pissing people off.
Honestly though, that has signifigantly grown on me to the point I can say I actually like a handful of the songs.

Nice to see you giving Ray Alder such props. Definately worthy of a mention. I said something to the same effect in my Redemption summary.
And your sumary of Paradise Lost is more or less spot-on.
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