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Originally Posted by DarkTwilight View Post
What the hell are you talking about. When it comes to metalheads liking death metal or not, the only thing stupid is people who refuse to accept that the sound of metal is changing, and you ONLY listen to "classic" metal bands, black sabbath maiden slayer dio priest megadeth metallica ect... and some power metal stuff (since it has the most similar sound to those bands... not so much slayer and megadeth but you know) like theres nothing wrong with it, but you can't just go out and say death metal is an illegitimate part of metal. I'm not claiming that you think that way or anyone else on this site thinks that way, as long as everyone recognizes death metal as a valid subgenre thats appropriate for this site. some hardcore or metalcore, now thats more questionable... but people saying shit about nile on THIS website, thats just flat out ridiculous...
Alright, I'll disect this into parts.

-As es156 just mentioned, Metal isn't just "changing" now, it's been evolving for decades now.
-I dislike Black Sabbath with Ozzy, I hate Slayer, Judas Priest and Metallica are both overrated, and Dave Mustaine can't sing. That just kind of voids that little statement now doesn't it?
-I don't in any way look at death metal as an "illegitimate" part of metal. I do however frown upon such a statement as "if you're not into death metal, why are you on this site?". I could find you a good number of people on this board who don't like death metal. You're just trying to support your arguement with faulty logic.
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