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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
There are quite a lot of bands people here like that I don't quite understand. Rush, for instance. I'm sure there are plenty I like too that people here just go "huh? really?"

But all the rest only manage mildly quizzical looks or the odd raised eyebrow in comparison to Tegan & Sara.

Seriously, what's the deal? There's been a ton of this kind of borderline-Eurovision girly pop over the last 15 years. Perhaps not quite so lyrically serious (although some of the T&S stuff is hardly great), but bouncy teenage pop nonetheless. The kind of stuff irritating school kids have as their ring tone. I don't get it.
I'm not even gonna start on the fact that you've obviously never listened to anything but their singles (if that), but I will say this: I like what I like. I don't give a shit what genre it falls into; if it appeals to me I'll listen to it. The fact that a band is in a certain genre won't necessarily keep me from listening to them or liking them.
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