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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
After listening to Nile, his solo stuff, and watching his BETCHA CANT PLAY THIS video, I can't find one single thing that would deem him a great guitar player. Maybe I just haven't looked in the right places.
you write a shitload of songs that have a completely different sound from the rest of the death metal scene and make albums that people vote metal album of the year (not saying their new one is the best of 2007, but its up there) being a great guitar player doesn't mean having the greatest musicianship, it has something to do with songwriting also. Would I pick him out of a list of top 100 metal guitarists for lessons? No. If I had to pick, I'd probably get Tony Iommi... is he a good instructor? He definetly has some brains to get himself where he is now, and I doubt he would offer lessons if he was a sucky teacher. If Adrian Smith was as good as teaching as he is at writing killer songs, I would pay 500 for a lesson with him. But that opportunity isn't coming around... I stopped getting lessons from local guitar teachers once I realized I can shred better than them (not trying to build an ego, i never had a metalhead guitar teacher), and I am all about an hour long lesson focused on "extreme metal techniques". If I don't learn anything, at least I would have got to chill with nile... just an expensive VIP pass right? Not everyone could afford this, but I just don't see why people hate nile/karl sanders. Its just really good music, and if your not into death metal, why are you on this site?
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