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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
How could they have played Nobody's Fault But Mine and For Your Life, but skip Achilles?
Other than that, good choices.
I'm still half in shock that this even went down, and half pissed at myself for not being there.
Right now its sounding like Page is pushing for a tour, Plant is denying
Well, they were limited as how long they would play, and so there was no room ALS. But really, ALS is not one of their better songs. Zzzzzzzzzzz

NFBM, on the other hand is outstanding !

They did Kashmir and did a very powerful shock and awe version of it. I can't belive how many posers think that the studio version of Kashmir is all that. It is -not-. When you've experienced the Led Zeppelin version live, then you've heard something. (The P&P version sucked. Don't even go there !!)

Zeppelin on a Good Night is better than many many bands on their A+ nights. I laugh at what people call great, in this day and age..... They really really must be on drugs.
Just say "the drugs" were great, and don't give half-assed bands all the credit!
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