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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
So is this a webcast of the songs you would wanna hear at the show?

If some of you don’t have a clue about what I’m talking about, read the following.

Nothing too complicated, you see, I'm gonna start an IRON MAIDEN show (here in my living room) with headphones on and beer, the real thing

For those who are in party mood & feel to listen to what would be the greatest Somewhere Back In Time setlist (but more importantly have fun all together listening to the greatest band on earth IRON MAIDEN) , play the songs too as soon as I post them on, (I will leave a few seconds after I post a new song before I start it, in order to give you time to react)

You are very welcome to post your thoughts and commentaries during the show that's what the fun is !!

That's a VIRTUAL SHOW my friend, but you need to be a real freak to participate

or go see here if you want a better idea (the show starts at the 10 th page of the thread since we had a lot of chatting before the D day hehehe (scrowl down the page, the Virtual Concert starts of with Where Eagles Dare after U.F.O.'s Doctor Doctor intro:

Cheers !
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