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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Hey, you even picked a shitty, inappropriate opening band, just like Maiden would.
while not the greatest of bands out there, I think the metal community seriously underrates this band. Bodom that is, not maiden. A metal fan underrating Maiden is like, i dont know, putting on a raincoat and jumping in a pool? Filling up your gas tank with piss? I knew getting out of bed this early and trying to think of a thoughtful analogy would only end in total bedlam. But... I mean, just listen to the intro of lake bodom, and tell me that isnt metal as balls. I mean like, balls in a pinball machine metal. dude idk wtf im talking about. Children of Bodom shit all over all the other bands ive seen open for maiden, the whole lineup of ozzfest 05, bullet for my valentine, need i say more? EVEN THOUGH THEY SAY ANGELS DONT KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YEOW
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