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Amon Amarth -- San Francisco, CA -- December 18th, 2007

If nothing else, last night proved to me that I have some pretty awesome friends. So like 5 of us were chillin at this one guys house in San Francisco before going to the Amon Amarth show at Slim's, and we didn't leave the house 'till like 9 because we wanted to deal as little with the shitty metalcore openers as possible. It's a Tuesday night so we're safe of course, no way Amon Amarth sell out Slim's, let alone on a weeknight right? WRONG. We get there and the show is completely sold out. After bumming around outside for a few minutes this dude comes up to us and says he has one ticket to sell. Everyone knew how much I wanted to see Amon Amarth so they let me buy the ticket and I gave 'em the keys to my car so they could take it downtown and hang. Totally rad dudes for doing that, I felt really guilty at the time but that feeling dissipated very quickly once Amon Amarth started after like a 5 minute wait (perfect timing for me too as I didn't have to deal with Sonic Syndicate or Himsa). The Swedes came out to some awesome epic intro music, one of the only smallish bands I've seen do that, and then laid waste to Slim's with a relentless set of pounding Viking death metal over the next 90 minutes. They all have a great stage presence especially Johan, he is very intimidating from right up close like that. They all drank beer from the goat horns which was awesome, plenty of synchronized swirly headbanging, and lots of crowd chanting. Very fun show, killer setlist as well.

1.) Valhall Awaits Me
2.) With Oden On Our Side
3.) Death In Fire
4.) Versus the World
5.) Sound of Eight Hooves
6.) Asator
7.) Hermods Ride to Hel
8.) Thousand Years of Oppression
9.) Fate of Norns
10.) Down the Slopes of Death
11.) Cry of the Blackbirds
12.) Bleed for Ancient Gods
13.) Runes to my Memory


14.) Victorious March
15.) An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
16.) The Pursuit of Vikings
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