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Ok, so it ended up being a pretty good show. Probably the best local show I've seen. I missed Draconian Winter and Imperium due to a taco bell run.

Extortion- 3 original songs without titles, and a cover of 'Iron Tusk'

Definition Unknown-
Intro "Moments of Reflection" I believe
7th Spring
Below the Crown
Sonic vs. Mario
Extograph? -new song

Every Drop of Blood- played about 6 songs, the ones I can name:
Crave for Revenge
Death Awaits

Interseed- had the biggest crowd, there was actually maybe 3 or 4 rows of people in the front of the pit, and there was no stage so the sound wasn't very good
Song no one recognized
The Hour of Redemption
New song
Opened By Deception
Painted Skies

Get to the Chopper- worshipped by most of the local scene and hardcore kids on the peninsula, but there were very few people left after Interseed and Draconian Winter
incomplete set in no order
Darkness as a Bride
Birds of Prey
12/17 Metallica?

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