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Originally Posted by DarkTwilight View Post
Well, I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now (my ESP F-50, getting a new guitar soon), and I guess you could say I'm pretty good, I can do a lot of the ridiculous shredding, I'm told im good, ect ect.... but I cannot sweep! Like I've sat down and just practiced sweep arpeggios over and over, but they just never sound right... if I want to play an arpeggio fast, rather than sweep it I just play 4 16th notes of each note in the arpeggio... So it sounds kind of cool but I can never get the sweep sound... anyone have any advice?
Practice the arpeggios with a metronome using alternate picking. Start slow and increase the BPM as you feel comfortable. This will get you more comfortable with the sweeping idea, and get into your arm's muscle memory. Other than that, just practice.
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