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Calling all metalheads around Philly!

Hey so I wake up this morning and see a new forum WTF? Some crazy shit going on here... well I'm going to contribute...

I was curious to see if there are any drummers, bassists, guitarists, vocalists, ect... in the area. I live in Springfield which is a suburb of Philadelphia in Delaware County (not actually in delaware!!!) and I play guitar and do a little vocals here and there. I have been playing guitar for about 6 years now. I am looking to make my band Dark Twilight complete. Someone has described the music as "epic dark thrash power metal" which I know makes no sense but... I'd sum up the sound as the stylings of Iced Earth blended with Amon Amarth for extra muscle, throw in the sound of metal that was written by someone who listens to too much iron maiden and judas priest (haha 3 inches of blood), topped off with some Blind Guardian to stay classy. Odds are that very few people to no people live in my area (besides Nikki, you just shutup haha) but it never hurts to give it a shot. Maybe if I have some time I can throw a sample song on here that I recorded on my own (guitar bass vocals done by me + drum machine)
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