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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Wait, so this only makes a difference if you want to have a second guitar player in Rock Band? Sorry, I've never played either of these games, so I don't really know how it works.
Rock Band can have four people playing at once: vocals, guitar, bass, drums. Guitar Hero is a single player guitar shred game. There is a multiplayer component but the single player is where a lot of the action is.

Harmonix, the folks behind Rock Band, built Guitar Hero through Guitar Hero. Activision got their hands the franchise for Guitar Hero III. Harmonix has let third parties build guitar controllers for the game. People expect controllers to work like driving games and steering wheels do. In this case, Activision is apparently blocking the release of a patch that would allow their controller to work with Rock Band. They've got every right to do it. A lot of Guitar Hero players are letting them know what they can do with that right.

Both games play alike on the key points. You a select song and 'play' it by hitting 'notes' on a controller that match the rhythm of the music. Both games have guitar hero with five colored button and a strum bar.
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