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Hey Activision! Fuck You Too! Activision Screws Gamers!!

Those of you who own Rock Band and Guitar Hero III for PS3 are aware that the Les Paul Guitar controller won't work for Rock Band. Harmonix, the folks behind Rock Band, developed a patch and Activision is essentially blocking its release (See Google News for complete coverage ).

Activision deserves the shit storm it is receiving. A lot of people are speaking up and I'm adding my voice to the choir. I'm mad as hell and I'm going to let my little peace of the metal world know about it. Activision isn't screwing Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band. It's screwing the fans, gamers everywhere. Everyone wins with open standards. We get better gaming experiences and the businesses behind them will make even more money.

A METALSETLISTS' FIRST, I encourage you all to withhold your Activision purchases until the matter is resolved. Contact the company

Quoting a fellow gamer at the Rock Band site:

Originally Posted by onemadbeastie View Post
i'm boycotting activision

why the animosity all of a sudden from Activision/RO? don't they see it would be a win-win for all?

who knows, the patch might magically appear somewhere muahahahaha

when contacting try to:

Be polite
Keep the information concise and to the point
Include a brief history of the issue, if applicable
Do not accept being passed back to "Customer Services" or elsewhere within the organisation
Insist on a reply from the CEO

some point of contacts:

Activision, Inc.
DBA Vicarious Visions (valid) Maryanne Lataif - VP - Corporate Communications investor relations (valid) human resourses (valid) longer works) back an automated response to use the support form on their website) customer support

Address: 3100 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Other Addresses:

Primary Phone: (310) 255-2000
Other Phone Numbers: (310) 255-2050
Connie Fox or Lauren Barry (310) 255-2509

Primary Fax: (310) 255-2152
Other Fax Numbers: (310) 255-2151


Robert Kotick (valid)

Assistants to Robert Kotick
Connie Fox (valid)
Lauren Barry

Phil Terzian
Sr. Director of Government Affairs

Rich Robinson
VP Quality Assurance/Customer Support

Dyer Ashley
Sr. Manager Corporate Communications

Gary Bolduc
Customer Service Manager

George Rose
Senior VP/Bus Affair, Gen Cnsl

Mike Hill
Customer Support Manager

*if you have trouble getting through you can also try to call after office hours and get through to the employees directory or dial the first few letters of the persons last name to be transferred to their direct line, voice mail, or assistant in charge of thier calls.

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