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Dark Twilight -- Drexel Hill, PA -- December 8th, 2007

One cold winter night at the Collenbrook in Drexel Hill, a few guys with some guitars and amps came together for a night no one would forget. Their band Dark Twilight was to play a show, but they were only given 2 weeks notice for the show. They didn't even have a drummer, or have any songs rehearsed! But the venue needed bands, so the show went on... with bass and drum tracks and a 100% cover lineup. We only had time to rehearse 2 songs, with school being a problem and such, the other 3 went completely unrehearsed but still sounded great. The set was limited to a half hour, but the half hour was heavy as hell...

Dark Twilight


Steve (myself) - Lead Guitar and vocals on all songs
BRi7X - vocals on 1st song
Jeff - Guitar and vocals on 1st song
Phil - Guitar on 3rd song


War of Wrath (Intro)
Into the Storm (Blind Guardian cover)
Hangar 18 (Megadeth cover)
The Last with Pagan Blood (Amon Amarth cover)
Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)
The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)

The venue may only had 60 people, but during War of Wrath I made sure EVERYONE was up. When Into the Storm began, shit just went wild. We had a pretty good lighting system, blue and red lights and 2 strobe lights, all worked by our sound/lights guy Tim. The lighting was just fucking fantastic. We had practiced this one, and it was great. Even though there were only 2 guitar players and a singer on stage, the bass+drum tracks made it sound amazing. I didn't know the solo note for note, so I just improv'd something that wasn't as good, but no one really knew the difference. Hangar 18 I played by myself on stage. During the last half of the song (when vocals stop), I broke the bottom E string which presented a big problem, but I just finished the song with improv'd solos during the riffs in between the solos.

The Last with Pagan Blood was next. For this song, I only sang while my friend Phil played guitar. Only having a microphone in hand allowed me to windmill like fucking crazy. The highlight of this song was after the short break around the half way point of the song, when all the guitar, lights, and death metal vocals come back in at one point.

The last two songs were Breaking the Law and The Trooper. I was forced to play these because I had little to no time to rehearse, and I've known how to play these songs ever since I knew how to play guitar. These last two were good, although not at good as the first three. I didn't feel like restringing the E so I just borrowed my friend's guitar.

The last two bands to play were Islse of Jura, which was an ambient/post metal? band with no singer, they were pretty good, and Against it All, which was a hardcore punk band. We stayed around for all the bands, went crazy and shit. Good times were had by all.
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