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im gonna TRY to keep this realistic

this would be in toronto ontario or london ontario

Friday :
Job For A Cowboy
Amon Amarth
Necrophagist (Headliner 1)
Cannibal Corpse (Headliner 2)

Saturday :
Lamb of God
Machine Head
Children Of Bodom
Megadeth (Headliner)
Slayer (Headliner 2)

Sunday :
Sebastian Bach
Cheap Trick
Blue Oyster Cult
Def Leppard
Heaven And Hell (Headliner 1)
Van Halen (Headliner 2, Ending off a North America tour)

In this dream line up all the headliners would have autograph sessions before the show starts

all the supporting acts would give autographs at their own discretion

on friday the show would start at 5/5:30 PM (after work, after school.. seems like a good time)

on saturday and sunday the shows would start at 1 and end after all the bands played an 8 song set with the headliners playing a 14 song set (except maybe van halen.. they might get longer set)

there would be a $400 VIP package to have backstage access for all 3 days to meet the bands, 3 shirts, a poster/flag/interesting piece of memorabilia signed by most if not all bands, free copy of soundboard recordings of the show. 50 of these available

there would also be a $150 per day VIP package ($150 and you get to pick which day you want backstage access for), you get 3 shirts, autographs from whoever you meet backstage, and soundboard recordings of all 3 days. 50 of these available

Normal tickets would cost $80 all said and done with taxes and such

Merch available : individual band shirts/hoodies, individual band posters, individual band patches and jewelry. Shirts commemorating the event as a whole (id call it Metalfest or something.. and there would be t-shirts sporting that as well as some well thought out symbol), posters comemorating the event, and festival booklet outlining the whole event (great for autographing)
When i say individual band _____ i mean like the bands own merch

I have thought this out carefully because I am very bored and have nothing better to do
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