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Morbid Angel -- Worcester, MA -- November 7th, 2003

Morbid Angel:

Day of Suffering
Pain Divine
Beneath the Hollow
Curse the Flesh
Stricken Arise
Where the Slime Live
Bil Ur-Sag
World of Shit
God of Emptiness
Enshrined by Grace

Superjoint Ritual:

It Takes No Guts
The Alcoholik
Personal Insult
Dress Like a Target
Fuck Your Enemy
The Destruction of A Person
4 Songs
Waiting For the Turning Point
Haunted Hated


Song #6
Chump Change
Slow Song From Split 7"
Jim Howell
Jack Kevorkian is Cool
Dead, Gay, and Dropped
You Look Divorced
Foreplay With a Tree Shredder
Radio Hit
Body by Auschwitz
Your Kid is Deformed
Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck

During A.C.'s set, Phil Anselmo came up on stage to help sing a song
Ave Azarate! 218

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