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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
I am somewhat surprised that they are going to try to forge ahead with this tour. I might still try to catch the show, but I am afraid the attendance won't be very good. I have been told that Firewind only drew about 150 people (or less?) at the Chicago show this year.
Yeah, Firewind's turnout at the Silo show in Reading, PA was even less than that. I was without any doubt the biggest fan there.
And I think this tour will now fail miserably. I'd still definately go to it if it came close enough, but many of the potential attendees (all the Sava-legions) will probably now all not go, which will lead to pathetic attendance, no profit, and the bands not wanting to/not being able to afford another US tour.
Originally Posted by es156 View Post
On a similar note, I read that Fates Warning only drew about 150 at their show in London last month. That is pathetic. I would love to see them tour the States.
That is pathetic... and upsetting, being that I also would love to seem the headline over here.
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