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Talking Amon Amarth--Worchester, MA -- December 1,2007

Amon Amarth's setlist December 1, 2007
1. Valhall Awaits Me
2. With Oden on our Side
3. Death in Fire
4. Verses the World
5. Asator
6. The Sound of Eight Hooves
7. Hermod's Ride to Hel
8.Cry of the Black Birds (with an awesome intro)
9. Fate of Norns (dedicated to Vitek)
10. One Thousand Years of Oppression
11. Down the Slopes of Death
12. Bleed for Ancient Gods
13. Runes to my Memory
14. Victorious March
15. An Ancient Sign of Oncoming Storm
16. The Pursuit of Vikings

-All and all, it was the best show i've been to so far. Me and my buddy got to meet the band for the meet and greet at the merch booth. Got a sick shirt and got a free poster (which all the dudes from A.A signed). The opening band Thy Will Be Done was really good. They had great death rythmns and awesome blast beats. The second band Sonic Syndicate was a sissy punk band. Everyone at the show was either sitting on the floor or slipping the band off. When the singer told them to make a pit, the audience decided to get up and dance (not slam dance). Everyone was doing the monkey. So the singer decided to say "F-you goodnight". They sucked! Before Amon came on, the sound guy decided to play Metallica's Ride the Lightening Album over the PA system to make up the time that was lost from Sonic Syndcate leaving the stage, people were singing extremely loud to EVERY song. When the masters of Viking/Melodic Death Metal arrived on stage the floor filled up and went nuts. Throughout the entire Amon set the pit took up the ENTIRE ground floor. Some dude that i met before the show got his nose broken and some lady looked like she broke her leg and arm. This was definately the most brutal show ever. Horns up to the Norsemen!!!
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