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Sonata Arctica -- Amsterdam, Holland -- November 26th, 2007

the last show of the european tour

Here's the setlist ;

1 In Black & White
2 Paid In Full
3 Victoria’s Secret
4 Broken
5 8th Commandment
6 Tallulah
7 Fullmoon
9 Black Sheep
10 It Won't Fade
11 Gravenimage
12 San Sebastian

13 My Land
14 Don't Say A Word
15 The Cage
16 Vodka Song

The Amsterdam show of Sonata Arctica was really great, two of my friends and myself were constantly looking around the venue in the afternoon to try and meet the guys.
That didnt really work out, we didnt see anyone.

We were hanging out at a local bar to get some beer after that and there these two finnish totally drunk guys Marko and Jarko joined us, they were really cool guys and told us they came from Kemi and that they knew the band, there girlfriends joined us after a while as well.
At some point they asked if we would like to meet the band, our answer was obvious I think, so Jarko called Henkka and soon enough he joined us for a drink in the bar, totally cool, though he was a bit hungover from the day before, very obviously actually but it was a lot of fun hanging out with all these guys, after a while Henkka was on the phone with his bandmate Marko and he joined us for a drink as well.
Made a couple of photos with them, they will be fond memories forever.
It was all kind of surreal but great of course.

After a while Marko and Henkka left to eat something before the show, I wished them both a great show.
After that Jarko and Marko took us to the front of the line, which at this point was very long, they had backstage passes so thats how they could do that, unfortunatly they couldnt get us backstage after the concert but I have a setlist and a few hours in a bar with two of my favorite musicians and that was just magical.

I dont think Henkka was really in the mood to meet fans, probably because of his hangover, because when I met him in 2005 at Wacken he was very cool and happy to meet fans, still we didnt bore him with endless questions about the band so he could enjoy his hangover quite nicely.
Of course the gig was even more special than at Tilburg after this and this day is defanetly climbing in the charts as my favorite one ever, I hope they have a signing session at Wacken 2008 again so I can meet them again, I wonder if Marko and Henkka will remember me than, I know they meet a lot of fans but I doubt if they join them for a few drinks so maybe they'll remember me.

I dont have a phonenumber or email adress or anything from Jarko and Marko but guys, thanks!!
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