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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Maiden didn't make a mistake. This Status Quo fan we-only-want-to-hear-the-hits mentality is ridiculous. You heard the hits last time. And the time before that. And if you didn't go last time you've lost out. After 30 odd years these bands aren't playing for people who want to hear the hits. They're playing for the real fans.

Priest will be playing Nostradamus in it's entirety at some shows. Rob Halford has already stated this. They will also be doing some Ripper-era songs.
Well it doesn't have to be ONLY the hits, but a good variety would be better. REAL fans would want to hear stuff like Dreamer Deceiver, Never Satisfied, Blood Red Skies (i dont think this has been played live), Delivering the Goods, Dissident Aggressor, i don't think ANY of those were played last time. I mean, some new stuff wouldn't be bad, but you need variety.

I wouldn't mind if they played the entire new album if the set was extended. If they did what Maiden did and only played 5 other songs, that would be disappointing, but if they did this whole Nostradamus thing and something like-

The Hellion/Electric Eye
Judas Rising
The Sentinel
Victim of Changes
Dissident Aggressor
Rapid Fire
Hell Bent for Leather

Encore- TURBO!
nah not really...

Encore - You got another thing comin

I mean, I could live without Living after Midnight and Breaking the Law. But whats a priest show without the GOOD hits... seriously.. not that those songs are bad, but painkiller just blows them away. If that was the set they played, I would go home happy.