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At The Gates have already been confirmed for several festivals. This is just the latest in a long line.

I'm not that impressed with the lineup so far. I knew Judas Priest would play, and there's two more headliners to come, but otherwise that's a really soft lineup. Saxon are always good value, and I'm pleased with Volbeat, Astral Doors, Gotthard and Mustasch. I'm sure Ministry and Lizzy Borden will be entertaining if there's no one else to watch, but otherwise I don't really want to see any of the others.

That said, this is only 26 bands. There's 54 more to come, so plenty of space to improve.

On the headliner front I understand Van Halen are in the frame. I bloody hope not, personally. Pop rock at the best of times and now just a joke. I've got a horrible feeling they'll get Def Leppard as well. Not sure why.

I'm hoping for Whitesnake and Alice Cooper, since I'm pretty sure Iron Maiden are too expensive. Mind you, I'd have said Aerosmith were too expensive as well, but we had them last year along with Scorpions and Heaven And Hell.

They have said they're waiting until January to set ticket prices because the bands they're in negotiation with might affect the prices depending who on they get.

My wishlist for further down the bill: Sebastian Bach, Testament, Overkill, Queensryche, Benedictum, Threshold, Headspace, Symphorce, Witchcraft, Candlemass, Cathedral, Stuck Mojo... could name several but I think all of those are realistic.

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