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Helloween -- Sofia, Bulgaria -- November 18th, 2007

Hellish Tour 2007
The Concert was GREAT!
First the Sound was better then last time they had came.
The public sang with them for every song except the new (few know them).
They started 20:45 (local) and ended ~00:40
The scene changed between the groups.

Gamma Ray
0. Welcome
I. Heaven Can Wait
II. New World Order
III. Land Of The Free
IV. Fight
V. Into The Storm
VI. Real World
VII. Rebellion In Dreamland
VIII.Heavy Metal Universe
IX. The Silence
X. Ride The Sky
XI. Valley Of The Kings
XII. Send Me A Sign

0. Intro
I. Halloween
II. Sole survivor
III. March of Time
IV. As long as I fall
V. Eagle fly free
VI. Paint a new world
VII. A tale that wasn't right
VIII. Drum solo
IX. The bells of the 7hells
X. We Burn
XI. King for 1000 years
XII. Dr. stein
XIII. Medley (MIX)

I. Future world
II. I want out

This is my first post here and I hope it's by the rulz!

P.S. I will post the setlist of Helloween soon, when I scan it! I have it!
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