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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I see. Apparently not out in this country until deep into next year.

I'm now trying to decide if it's the lamest thing I've ever heard of or not...

At least it helps bring rock music to the masses I guess.
The masses have their rock music already. Is it any fun? That's a better question. For me, the Guitar Hero franchise certainly has been.

However, something amazing happened with Guitar Hero III at my house. My older brother has actually started to feel a little musical. He doesn't play on expert, mostly easy and medium. When he first started playing the game, he was as stiff as Motorhead Jeff at a concert. Within a couple of day, he had some minor headbanging going on. To a lot of you, that's no big deal. To the musically constipated, that's huge.

Personally, I think it's mistake to compare a guitar video game to the real thing. There's some value in the rhythm training but that's about it. Now, the drumming in Rock Band may be a little different. That may be a stepping stone into a real kit for some people.
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