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Framing Armageddon is the best album released in years.
This is Heavy Metal as it should be.
It's not repetitive. The song's are all very different from each other, but there are similarities becasue that defines the bands STYLE.
Every single band has a style that's relevant in every single song.
Please tell me how 10,000 Thousand Strong, A Charge to Keep, The Clouding, Framing Armageddon, When Stars Collide or Something Wicked part 1 sound ANYTHING like each other enough to be "repetitive".
This album has everything you expect from the band.

As for the whole "it sounds nothing like their earlier stuff": BOO-FUCKIN'-HOO. Grow the fuck up.
"St Anger sounds nothing like MOP - that means it's shit"

P.S. Jon Shaffer is a very creative song writer
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