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If you look at the song lengths of the set, the old material took just as much stage-time as the new, so they didn't play 'loads of' new songs.
Fair enough they COULD'VE played less new and more old but they're touring in support of the new album so they wanted to play a semi-decent amount of it.

And I don't agree that there were more IE fans than LOG fans. There was definately more LOG tshirts walking around. But H&H fans tended to prefere IE to LOG so IE got the bigger cheer of the two.
Let's put it like this: there were more LOG fans going in, but there were more IE fans coming out!!
I do agree though that LOG had an uphill climb from the start - they really don't suit the tour. But they were put on to bring in the younger crowd, which they did, so from a marketing POV they worked.

I think IE still had enough time to squeeze in one more song (as their set lasted 25 mins of the allocated 30) such as Violate, Jack, Dark Saga etc (I would say Last December but we all know Jon dislikes that album. They were gonna play it around Europe but pulled it out of the set).
I asked Brent about this and he said that they had used this set as a sound check whilst touring Europe and that the tour promoters were very strict that they weren't to increase it - so blame them not the band for that as they wanted to squeeze one more in.
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