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They could still have played a setlist of short songs and not played so much off Framing Armageddon. I made the "don't play Dante's it's too long for a support set" point already. But the point that you don't fill a 30 minute slot with 20 minutes of new material still stands, I think. And I don't think the new songs make it a "mass appealing setlist". Nobody's knows those songs, and they're not very good anyway!

I don't think playing loads of new songs was a wise move at all. Not in a short set. They should have played the single, for obvious reasons, and Charge To Keep because it's sufficiently different. Then played short, heavy, old songs, plus Declaration Day, which is always immense.

There's also no need to appeal to the average LoG fan because none of them went to the shows! Seriously there were about six LoG fans in Wembley Arena. There were WAY more IE fans there.

LoG were the ones with the struggle on their hands, not IE. It was a power/trad metal crowd. IE were fine. You could tell by the cheers which greeted the old songs. LoG had the uphill battle because trad metal fans are so narrow minded, in general. And on queue most of them went to the bar.

Can't wait for a proper IE show though! I've seen two short shows this year and after the cancelled '04 tour I still need a real show!

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