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The reason Iced Earth played this set was to generate as much interest in the band as possible.
The songs are shorter and simpler than a lot of their other stuff (such as Dante's Inferno, Travel in Stygian etc) and that makes it easier to attract new fans, as the songs are more accesible.
The average Lamb of God fan is 14-18 years old, and the sad truth is that they tend not to appreciate complex songs (no disrespect to L.O.G., but their song's aren't particually complex; they all tend to follow the verse-chrous, verse-chorus, middle bit, chorus; structure) so to play 10 minute songs when you're trying to break a new country (which Iced Earth are in the UK - and they've done a damn good job with this tour too!) isn't a wise move.
That's why they played simpler songs. Setian Massacre, A charge to Keep, Declaration Day all have a catchy chrous, but by playing some heavier (yet still simple, to-the-point) songs such as Ten Thousand Strong, My Own Saviour and Burning Times they're appealing to the "let's-just-shout-everything" crowd such as the typical L.O.G. fan.
Think about it, it's a wise move! And it's worked too. I was at the Newcastle, Manchester and Wembley shows (and am backstage at Bournemouth this sunday!) and the number of new fans they've picked up from this tour is over-whelming. And because of the hightened fan base they're making for themselves, a headline tour is WAY more likely for next year, where they'll then play all their longer songs and classics.

Funny though, I was chatting away with brent Smedley (I.E. drummer) after the Manchester show for a good 30 minutes, and we joked that their set should've been Dante's Inferno and High Water Mark
Next year, he was saying - after 'Framing Armageddon's' follow-up album - that they're gonna be touring the States aswell as doing a bunch of festivals, but they're hoping to get another European tour, and on THAT tour they're gonna play some headline shows in the UK - or at least that's the plan.
And that probably wouldn't happen if it wasn't for this tour and mass-appealing setlist.

Hope that's shone some light on the setlist for many of you.
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