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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
1.) Hoodoo Operator
2.) The Mob Goes Wild
3.) The Devil & Me
4.) Red Horse Rainbow
5.) The Elephant Riders
6.) White's Ferry (extended)
7.) Cypress Grove (extended)
8.) Electric Worry
9.) One-Eye Dollar
I was all ready to rave about how much better it is than the 9-new-songs-out-of-10 set that I saw on 11/1, but on second thought I don't think I would trade "Ballad of Ridley Walker" and "Black Umbrella" for any of the older stuff they played for ya'll.... Although I do love "Cypress Grove"... But it does speak to the fact that 45 minutes is painfully short for a band like Clutch to perform.

You pretty much nailed the "Fall of Troy" guy; his stage presence is irritating as hell. Only I don't think I'd peg his antics as egotistical arrogance. To me it smacks more of insecurity -- like he doesn't believe enough in the songs, or even in his own musicianship, to let them speak for themselves.

All the bitching in your review about the "emos" seems pretty inane to me. Who fucking cares? Unless they're actively going out of their way to bother you, let people be and enjoy the show however they want.
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